Beaufort Park
Beaufort Park
Beaufort Park

For a company wanting to demonstrate real social and environmental leadership, there can be no better location.

Beaufort Park is no business park but a wonderful, private, and unique place to work with 50,000 sq ft of accommodation, space to breathe, generous car parking and room to expand up to 86,000 sq ft.

The office space provides ultimate flexibility for premium open-plan or cellular offices, together with energy efficient technologies that make the carbon emissions of this building 52% lower than
current building regulation requirements.

Conceived for single occupancy, Beaufort Park has the inbuilt flexibility to accommodate up to four self contained tenancies if required.

Relocate to Beaufort Park
and see your rates and service charge costs fall by 30% p.a.

Locating your headquarters at Beaufort Park will achieve a positive and real expression of your brand, your company will be perceived as forward looking and responsible. It will be a very special place to be – for you, your staff, and your customers.

It is clear that the surrounding coniferous woodland has inspired many architectural details such as the horizontal timber cladding and the tall slender colonnaded columns.

A prestigious entrance takes you into a double height reception, where you can immediately appreciate how natural daylight, and the beautiful surroundings have driven the whole design of the building and its environment. Wherever you look, inside meets outside with stunning views of protected heathland and woodland.

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